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Clinical Data Specialist

Job Type: Part Time
Salary: BOE

Job Description

Responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting data about the hospitals performance to provide statistically valid information that will improve overall performance.

Job Responsibility

Compiling and organizing healthcare data, analyzing data to assist in delivering optimal healthcare management and decision making, using healthcare data to achieve administrative needs and goals, developing key performance indicators to present to administration.

Job Requirements

Must be able to work with all hospital departments to collect performance indicators, interpersonal and communication skills are a must.

Skills & Qualifications

Detail oriented to effectively collect and aggregate data, ability to multi-task and maintain an organized. Must be proficient in Microsoft office programs and have the ability to learn additional computer programming skills.


Master’s degree in business is preferred, 4+ years of experience in an analytic role

Job Benefits

Not Benefit eligible


20 hours per week on-site, flexible scheduling

Starting Date